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Cloud Computing – Profit From IT

Many companies are benefiting from “Cloud Computing”, which involves running software and storing data on remote servers rather than on local computers. Major players in this domain are well established companies such as VMWare, Google, SalesForce, Amazon, EMC, NetApp, IBM, Parallels, Citrix, Microsoft and Oracle have been working very hard to develop innovative products and making Cloud Computing agile and reliable.

Companies using traditional servers can achieve substantial savings when adopting Cloud Computing. As we progress with technology, the myth about Cloud Computing security issues are being addressed and we are now at a point where we can trust our data to reside on virtual servers, miles away from our office. Savings accrued from cloud computing can be invested in business development. This is mainly applicable to small and medium size companies where the business can concentrate their efforts on their core competencies.

There are four models of Cloud Computing deployments. The Public Cloud, aka External Cloud, is the traditional Cloud Computing where resources are self-served over the internet and processing power is billed as an on-required basis. In other words, you pay for what you use. This is where Amazon elastic offerings come in play. The second model is the Community Cloud where several organizations have similar requirements and can share the same infrastructure. SalesForce and Google’s Gov Cloud are the major players in this model. The third model is the Hybrid Cloud where a mix of Public Cloud is combined with managed dedicated servers. This model is used for PCI compliance where the web application is in the cloud and the database server which contains personal information is hosted on a managed dedicated server. The fourth model is the Private Cloud where the server is hosted remotely on a private network and is not shared with other organization. This model is not sought to provide major cost savings but due to the remote private network, organizations minimize their risks from data lost. VMWare, Citrix and Parallels are the main players in this model where a single server can be used to host consolidated servers and savings generated by spending less on hardware and hydro bills.

Resources form Optimal Data Group can help your organization achieve major operational savings by reviewing your infrastructure and recommending the Cloud Computing model that fits your need. For more information, we can be reached at

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